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General Public: Lapture App is for you; it’s designed to handle the customer relationships between you and your favourite brands. All sizes of businesses have a vast number of offerings that they wish to display to their customers, like you, whether it’s product lines, services, policies or discounts...

Imagine you had a folder full of the product lines, services, policies and discounts that your favourite brand had to offer…. It would be so easy, instead of navigating through dropdown after dropdown on their website… That’s the intention of Lapture App, to organise brands’ offerings into a profile screen to allow you to easily see what’s available. You have the choice to connect to your favourite brands to receive updates, as well as saving, messaging, sharing and so much more...

Business & Entrepreneurs: Lapture Systems is the digital engine for Mobile Marketing Success. Providing industry leading tools for business owners and entrepreneurs to manage and grow their mobile marketing channel. Using our flagship Marketing Chain technology, you can seamlessly organise your business’ offerings into a streamlined mobile app experience that can be updated at any time.

Marketing Chains are a series of steps designed for the mobile-using customer to be taken through. Marketing Chains are displayed in search engines, social media and Lapture App.

Choose Lapture Systems to affordably implement your dedicated mobile marketing channel, upgrade your customers’ user experience and improve your brand awareness.

10 quick features of Lapture...

About Lapture Systems for Business & Entrepreneurs & Lapture App for the General Public.

1. Lapture App is a free Social Media App that allows you to explore new brands and their offerings. Integrated Shopping Bag and ticket management allows you to checkout as many items as you like, from as many different brands as you like.

2. Can’t remember all those passwords? Lapture App uses Smart Access™ to manage all the apps you use. You can shop to your heart’s content without the hassle of creating a new account or remembering a password you made ages ago.

3. Smart Access™ allows you to check out products without re-entering your delivery address, username or account password for a simpler, securer shopping experience. Enter your Connect Code once and you can shop from as many brands as you like.

4. Smart Access™ keeps your receipts and order history in one place for easy tracking of your spending and hassle-free returns.

5. Take advantage of Lapture Systems Media Production Software for businesses and entrepreneurs to stimulate and visually engage your customers with your products and services.

6. Our Content Management System is essential software for businesses and entrepreneurs to easily edit, delete, search and archive orders, discounts and tickets. No need for 3rd party integrations and additional subscriptions with Lapture Systems as your CMS will cover everything needed to accept payments, fulfil orders, refunds, delivery notes and so much more.

7. Analytics gives businesses and entrepreneurs clarity about how consumers are receiving and reacting to your brand. Gain valuable insights and adapt to provide a better experience for your customers.

8. Direct message brands to ask for information about a product, service, order or return, and rest assured that you’ll be able to speak with someone from the brand directly.

9. Earn money by creating content for businesses on Lapture. Whether you’ve got a passion for photography, Graphic Design or scriptwriting, there are a lot of opportunities available for you as a Content Creator.

10. Still not convinced Lapture’s for you? Explore more as a customer of Lapture or as a business and entrepreneur.
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